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internet marketing

At ZestTech we are here to revolutionise your internet marketing campaign in the most professional manner. At our SEO company we offer cost effective internet marketing campaigns that have been proven to work in over 100 websites. There is absolutely no need to spend more than £500 / $800 on SEO. We offer professional packages that are based around your businesses needs and budget. Our professinal SEO packages come with a complete report to account for our work every two weeks into the campaign. When it comes to SEO engages we engage into your businesses's niche and we offer a strategic and analytical business.

Begin with an Internet Marketing Analysis:

At ZestTech we start with a complete online marketing evaluation, which sizes up your website with the main competitors. Our internet marketing analysis will provide you with significant details including backlink analysis, quality backlinks, usability of anchor text, keywords ranking, and other components of online existence to determine the places where you can see the highest possible returns for your money.

Our Search Engine Marketing Process:

Search Engine Marketing is of two types: Paid Search Engine Marketing and Organic Search Engine Marketing. Organic SEO technique is more successful and it is the best method to help businesses flourish in internet marketing world.

When compared to inorganic SEO techniques Organic SEO helps to generate more traffic. In comparison to Paid SEO services, Organic SEO services are supported more by the search engines such as google, Bing and more. Organic search engine marketing can yield good results if followed with the proper procedures.

Internet Marketing

Understanding your Business and its objectives

Before developing customized SEO strategy for any business, an SEO company first interprets the client’s business. This includes what the company is dealing in, analyses the vision and mission of the company, objective of the company and its targeted audience.

The target audience needs to be researched meticulously by the internet marketing Company. Keywords search patterns needs to be assessed for the particular targets. There online site trends like, social site used, purchasing preferences and budgets, average time spent on online shopping and surfing and more. Offline trends such as their life style habits, shopping and brand preferences. General trends like age group, professions, income and gender are also important.


Reviewing Competitors

Analyze the competitors SEO strategies, their ways of increasing traffic and links. This gives the clients a positive start.

Our internet marketing agency London do a complete analysis of the competitors websites to see what keywords they have used, their web content, their social media activity i.e their tweeting habits, Facebook updates and viral YouTube methods. We also look at the SEO web structure i.e. Dublin core, SEF, H-card integration, sitemaps and website interlinking. Our team also investigates their other off page methods, like article submissions, directory submission and blogging habits. After this we proceed to the next step


Keywords Research and Optimisation

In order to gain maximum traffic, keywords that are relevant to the business are to be used. Our internet marketing agency formulates an action plan to use those keywords which can be easily understood by everyone and this assists businesses to gain more traffic. Keywords are framed keeping in mind the geographic keyword search, singular, plural, and different keyword search categories.


Onsite optimization and Implementation

Once the business uses the organic SEO strategy then the site’s ongoing performance is also checked, the amount of traffic generated by using the SEO strategy, power of keywords, analyzing the SEO content, SEF URL’s, title tags and inbound links. The entire online optimization is conducted in order to prepare a better organic SEO strategy if required, improving the results. SEO content is vital as it plays a major role in enticing potential visitors to the website. Inbound Search engine friendly links helps to get better page rankings.


Building External Links

If your website has an external link to a well known website that too with the target keywords, then it is mostly preferred by Search engines. Search engines choose those sites which are referred by any other website and which have specific back links. These external links are built by the ways of directory submission, analyses of competitor’s back links, blogs, press releases and Video assigning sites such as YOU TUBE. SEO companies build the profiles on social media like as twitter.This helps the business in getting the presence among the online communities, networking sites and more.


Ongoing SEO Strategy

Once the customized SEO strategy is prepared then our internet marketing agency make sure that the business gets the maximum advantage of SEO serviceses and Internet marketing services; hence the company’s ongoing activity takes place.

This ongoing activity involves the regular traffic measurements and analysis that includes effectiveness of keywords, performance of the back links, effectiveness of the SEO content and amount of traffic generated via blogs, articles and press releases. Corrective actions and necessary measures are to be undertaken, contingency plans are made to improve the SEO strategy. Monthly reports, regular meetings are organized to keep the businesses aware of their online status which helps them understand new plans that also may try target other areas of business.

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