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Affiliate Marketing

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What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an absolutely ROI familiarized marketing stream. As a businessman, you pay some commission on any revenue that an affiliate delivers you. You have to set some percentage so you can control the ROI you get from this marketing stream. The greatest advantage? If maintained effectively, there is no peril to you in any way.

Different Types of Affiliate Marketing

SEO Affiliates

This type of affiliate will build unique sites and/or web pages to advertise your products or services, making them gain a high position in search engines. Then you have to pay them some percentage of payment if the produced traffic converts.

PPC Affiliates

These affiliates run their own PPC campaigns to get targeted visitors to their website. Then they refer visitors to your website who are relevant to your niche to make sales. This produces quality visitors leading to a high conversion ratio for you.

Email Affiliates

Some affiliates focus on gathering contact information like email ids. Then they part their information source and aim a specific section with your services or products. Generally, affiliate marketer’s use this affiliate style to a set targeted and/or Cost per Action deal.

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