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PPC Management

PPC Management
PPC Management
PPC Management

PPC means "pay per click". Pay per Click is a marketing design where companies pay an approved amount, every time their advertising campaign is "clicked", not every time their ad is shown.

Advertisers usually setup PPC on a PPC network and determine how much they are willing to invest for each click-through that they get.

Advertisers choose keywords, keyword phrases, search phrase categories, or types in which they want their commercials to appear.

Advertisers willing to invest the most money for an appropriate PPC marketing campaign will usually be outlined first. Google's PPC standing system analyzes CPC (cost per click), ad relevancy, CTR, and day-to-day budgets, so the order in which the ads appear is according to a number of aspects.

PPC Management

PPC management is an important part of any paid look for search marketing effort. Being able to not only manage, but also put in priority several essential PPC promotion projects is very important to the success of any pay-per-click campaign.

ZestTech offers a wide range of PPC management services. They include development of a proper technique, market research, keyword research, structure of ad text, account adjusting (targeting, budget deadlines etc.), generation and establishing of campaigns and tracking of promotional initiatives. Our PPC management services cover all major search engines ? Google (Adwords PPC management), Yahoo! and Bing Ad Center.

Have a look at our PPC services for the major Search Engines and Social Media giants.
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