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About us

At ZestTech Solutions we specialise in Magento Development, eBay Solutions, Internet Marketing, PSD to HTML conversions, Bespoke CMS and dedicated virtual employees.

ZestTech has offices located in three locations, based in London, Atlanta and New Delhi India. Our project management, design and sales offices are situated in either sides of the Atlantic and our development hub is located in New Delhi, India.

Our very own development centre in India comprises of a huge team of Magento Certified Developers and designers, an expert SEO panel, a team of eBay Specialists, and many veteran virtual employees.

You or your organisation will get the best of both worlds with our offshore resources and our onshore project management and design team. You will get excellent quality IT development with local communication, project management and design at highest quality at the most competitive prices on the World Wide Web.

At ZestTech we strictly follow the Agile methods of project Management. All of our work flow and processes involve using the latest project management tools such as Active Collab that keep our services both well organised and transparent.

Our IT Company implements the right amount of Zest that keeps us one step ahead of the game, always innovating and thinking outside of the box to keep your business competing in the volatile market of today.

ZestTech Solutions has been in business for 4 years. We started of small without our own website while creating everyone's else's. As we really impressed our first few clients word of mouth, like it does, spread like wild fire. Ever since the dawn of our website we have grown from 6 employees to 70 and counting today. We have seen our service repertoire grow from just e-commerce development to Internet Marketing, bespoke CMS, marketplace development and the cost effective services of virtual employees.

As project scope and demand progresses our visions and goals change around them. Two years ago we aimed to venture into the virtual employees sector by offering our cost effective dedicated professionals to small and emerging business across the UK. The vision of our venture was to help small business across the UK and USA save money by outsourcing almost any work that can be done remotely until they grow big enough to expand their offices within their shores.

This year our vision is to make a success of as many UK and US start businesses as we can by offering our expert cost effective services such as Magento and CMS development. We aim to help revive the UK and US economy by helping startups become more prevalent on the internet with us creating and marketing their websites at the highest standards at the most competitive rates in the world.

Despite our changing vision we have concrete values that are engraved in our work processes which is at the heart of our company. Although changing times equals changing visions, time and volatility will never change our values and work ethics.


Time and volatility will never change this extremely important value of ours. Our prices are displayed on our website. Despite the market, if you go for a fixed cost project our prices will stay fixed. If you are billed hourly with any of our employees we will bill you down to the last minute they have worked, not a minute less or more. If we cannot do the work we will be honest and just say no, we will not take on any project we cannot deliver just for the money.


Once we commit we stay committed, we do not go astray, we are there to serve you throughout the commitment. If any external situations change, so be it, our commitment will always be with you.


We are determined to make you succeed. Our success lies in yours. If you succeed we exceed. When your prevalence increases on the internet and people and your companies profits exceed expectations, so will ours.


Once we are yours we are your's truly. Our employees will always be your employees. Think of your company as having 70 and counting IT professionals behind yours.


What you get from us:

  • British and US Communication
  • English and American Designers
  • Cost Effective Offshore Development
  • Dedicated Virtual Employees
  • SEO Experts
  • Certified Magento Developers
  • Top eBay Sellers
  • Joomla Experts
  • Drupal Developers
  • Wordpress Professionals
  • Precision PSD to HTML Coding
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Client Testimonials
  • ''ZestTech has done a fantastic job with the creation of our Magento website. They were honest and always went the extra mile to get us what we wanted!'

    Elliot Meads