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X.commerce Development

With the Power of X.commerce you can control eBay, Paypal, Magento and more from one Effective Hub!

Build and be in control of your multichannel sales and marketing platform!

With the expertise of Zesty eCommerce developers we are able to integrate the exciting new X.commerce fabric into your existing eCommerce platform to synchronise your systems making them more powerful, salient and cost effective.

What is the X.commerce fabric?

eBay Company

The X.commerce fabric is an ingenious invention by the cool geeks from eBay inc. Recently eBay inc had acquired the eCommerce powerhouse - Magneto, with the sole purpose of making it easier to unify numerous sales and marketing channels which in turn makes life a lot easier for you the merchant and us the geeks.

One Coding Language

The fabric is a messaging bus that allows different capabilities to speak the same language. So instead of teaching the eBay shop Russian and your website Hindi you can just teach them both what we call Geekish, the X.commerce language.

Content Synchronisation

Here is a simple convenient example of fabric integration. Suppose you sell a laptop on eBay. The fabric will route the message to relevant channels updating topics in those channels. These topics would be order/update, listing/create and so on.The sale of the laptop would update your main stock inventory and in turn update your stock availability in your other channels like your Magento eCommerce shopping cart or your Facebook store page. If you create a new laptop product from your admin panel you would be able to choose what channels you would like to push your product to. You could select blog functions to synchronise your content, one may use Kensoo tool for enhanced web marketing and if you are a local shop you could use the Milo integration to get listed locally. With X.commerce the possibilities beat the imagination so dream it up and we will code it for you. Check out X.commerce.

Marketing Channels

Our X.commerce Development Company can help your business effectively manage its marketing campaign by creating systems or updating existing ones. These systems will enable your company to conveniently push various marketing content and images to social streams such as, Facebook, linked in, YouTube, and more...

Sales channels

With the power of X.commerce along with the Zest of our X.commerce developers we can unify all of your existing sales channels, weather it is your custom online shopping cart, your eBay store or your business on Amazon Central we can connect the sales channels making one big productive sales hub for your company. This will help you freely push content and images across your sales network as well as keeping top class inventory management.

Easy Inventory Management

Using the X.commerce fabric we can create a robust system that will enable you to take a firm organised grip on inventory management. Our X.commerce development experts can update your current backend systems or make entirely new systems to synchronise your inventories across various sales channels.

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