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Ajax Development

Today's time is of great importance. With this virtue in the spotlight, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript & XML ) is a modern day programming method that is gaining high grounds. The superior interactivity of AJAX empowered interfaces resolves the conservative gap between web applications and Desktop. It ignites your website to open at once, at a mere click of the mouse, cutting out the hang time and who likes to hang around? The Ajax developers at ZestTech Solutions have developed  application sites derived from Ajax fundamentals that have the capability to open complex pages at a click without any hang time.

Ajax is not a technology - it is actually an amalgam of numerous technologies, each blooming its own right and coming together in unique ways.

Ajax incorporates the following:

  • Using XHTML and CSS Standards-based presentation
  • Flexible interaction and presentation with the use of the DOM   (Document Object Model)
  • Using XML and XSLT there is data interchange and manipulation
  • Asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest
  • Binding everything together with JavaScript
  • Real time form data validation

The capacity to merge functionality enables the creation of a powerful new and advanced existing web software and Ajax Development is a definite bonus for most web applications. Throughout the years we have been developing several flexible web Applications with Ajax. If you are in search for an Ajax programmer, Ajax PHP developer/ Ajax .net developers then you have surely landed in the right virtual spot.

SOAP Development

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is used in the procedure of exchanging the web-based messages between PC Networks. Remote Process Calls are managed by SOAP. The application data are transmitted with the help of XML top level technologies such as XML and HTTP.

ZestTech's professional developers and designers implement the latest technological innovations such as XML and SOAP to manage and transmit the data between cross servers. XML can be the best way to tag the data while XML can be used to move the data.

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