How to make Responsive Web Design and get Responsive Web Designer in London UK

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Site Design
Responsive Web Site Design

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A Flexible website that responds to the device it is viewed on.

What are Responsive Website Designs?

Responsive website designs are websites that respond to the screen size or the device that the website is viewed on. Responsive website designs enable the layout of the website to change according to the device it is being browsed on so that it makes it easier to view without zooming in and out all the time.

What does the Responsive Website Designer Work on?

Our responsive website designer works with the latest technological advancement in website design, HTML5 and CSS3. Firstly the responsive website designers would need to create the graphic designs for your original web pages for that fit a normal desktop or laptop screen. After this they will design the layout for two more generic settings, one for a mobile tablet and another for a mobile phone. The next part is to marry up all three designs concepts using HTML5 and CSS3. The next phase is to do the testing. The Responsive website designers would need to test the consistency of the designs on a number of new and old mobile devices and not to forget all of the commonly used web browsers.

What are the Benefits of Responsive Websites?

Everyday the amount of mobile browsing in the world is growing enormously. Therefore there are many benefits of creating responsive websites.

Responsive Websites Designs Make You Look Professional

One is that the people who observe and browse your website can get the best view of your website on the device they choose to browse on. This benefit of responsive websites helps clearly get your information out to a wider audience. This portrays a professional technologically savvy company.

Responsive Websites are Cost Effective

It could be more practical and cost effective in creating a responsive website rather than doing another mobile version or a mobile application. The costs may be higher than your standard website, however you could very easily save lots of money in the future if you needed better mobile compatibility.

Websites that will Age Gracefully

If a new devices or new screen emerge your website would simply adapt. If a new screen or shape came into existence and you wanted your website to account for it, then all you will need to do is a design adjustment according to the latest trends.

Responsive Websites Designs get the Point Across!

A lot of times people don’t want to read everything that is in front of them. Responsive websites capsulize important information and get the point across to audiences on the go. So when the website responds to a mobile device you can summarize your information and make it more convenient to the mobile audiences

ZestTech’s Work

At ZestTech we are very versatile when it comes to websites that are responsive. We can create responsive websites in either open source eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, VirtuaMart or Zencart or we can customise Content Management Systems, such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help you get the professional website that works smoothly everywhere.

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