How to hire Virtual Assistant and Virtual Employee for Virtual Assistant Services in London UK?

Hire a Virtual employee

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virtual employee

Your Virtual Team

ZestTech have a large team of experienced virtual employees just waiting to assist you. Our Virtual Employees (your's potentially) do almost everything that can be done over the internet for you. Just imagine you have us in your pocket during the hours of Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6:30 pm. We are as easily accessible just like a mobile or desktop application. (Application to be released soon) You can have us in your pocket starting at just £4.20 / $6.72 per hour with no contracts. Our service works on a Pre Pay, Pay as you Go service

  • What can we do?
  • Personnel and Business Email Management
  • CRM Management
  • Database Management
  • Travel Organization
  • Event Planning
  • Purchases
  • Data Entry
  • Inventory Upload
  • Complaints Management
  • Online Research
  • Calendar Management
  • Document Formatting and Processing
  • Our Promise!
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Security vetted employees
  • Tightly secured passwords
  • Daily time sheets filled out on an hourly basis
  • Some of the adhoc takes we have done:
  • Called in Plumbers, electricians, booked piano lessons, organised surprise parties, managed blogs, sold unwanted items on eBay, managed returns , rented house/ flats on gumtree, found doctors, given feedback, emailed old friends happy birthday, bought presents for granddads, booked killers tickets, ordered a bouncy castle, wrote a complaint email to Pizza Hut, wrote to camden council about the noise in a pub, sent an email and phoned children reminding them to take their medication, created gym plans, motivated diets and much much more!

  • The tasks we cannot do
  • Whatever's prejudice we won't blog about the people you hate for you.
  • Whatever's unethical, we won't do your final year dissertation.
  • Whatever's prejudice we won't blog about the people you hate for you.
Client Security
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Onsite Security
  • Data/Password Security
  • Keep Your Credit Card SAFE

After getting a deep insight of the advantages of a VA, Virtual Assistant, when we receive a final go from our clients to hire the Virtual assistants; we ask our clients to sign a Non –Disclosure Agreement to protect their confidentiality. This NDA shows that none of your information will either be leaked or used for any other purpose rather than business. This ensures our clients that their information is safe and secure and it’s not shared with any third party. On other hand, all our virtual employees have signed NDA with us and so we have strict privacy rules. Strict actions are taken against them if these privacy rules are violated. This may lead to their termination from the duties.

The data is protected by our secured data centre. We value our client’s privacy and to keep the data confidential, we have adopted top niche SSL encryption. Our client’s personal information can’t be accessed by any of our employees. Your work is outsourced to well qualified VA’s who work under 24/7 video surveillance in a shielded building. This ensures a feeling of peace and security in the minds of clients and a bond of trust is developed with a cinch that work is done by safe hands.

Our client’s data / passwords are encrypted using the similar encryption technology adopted by banks for protecting customer data. Only Upper Management has the authority to decrypt the information if needed.

Once you hit the “Submit” button while checkout from our shopping cart, the credit card data is automatically encrypted. Nobody can ever access your entire credit card information. Our shopping cart adheres to PCI DSS security standards that recapitulates definite necessities for keeping the cardholder’s information confidential, safe n secure.


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