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Free Seo Analysis

Free Seo Analysis
Free Seo Analysis




Our FREE SEO Analysis service helps small to medium businesses to decide how well they're doing with search engines and their SEO work. Our Free SEO Analysis shows where websites can make improvement In search engine rankings. To get your free SEO report, just type your URL, keywords and email above and we'll email you the results given by our seo experts.

  1. This free report is yours without obligation and registration, just go through 3 Easy Steps, its that simple!
  2. In return we will send you a report with Onpage and Off Page SEO criteria about your website as well as its social presence, indexed pages, validations, Meta information, and standard domain information.
  3. Have a look at  how your website is doing in the Search Engine World and then see if you want to snap up our real value for money services.

Onpage Report

As the Search Engines update their algorithms, like the recent Google Penguin, SEO strategies and practices must also adapt to accommodate these changes. Sometimes a little code can have a major impact towards an SEO campaign. Therefore regular analysis and tweaking is necessary to stay on top the rankings. This part of the report will tell you how your website's source code is getting along with the Search Engines. Read More...


Keywords Report

Keyword Research is ultimately about information. Information about your target market, information about your products & information about the problems your customers have!

Keyword density is very important as it effects position of your site in the search engine result page (SERP) for your keywords and phrases. Keyword density refers to the ratio (percentage) of keywords contained within the total number of indexable words within a web page.

Our SEO Professionals investigate your keyword's current positioning towards search engines and then suggest to you what you need to improve on in terms of selecting the right keywords for your business.


Offpage Report

We’ll analyse your population towards search engines and let you know where your site in current trends is and what you should improve. These are important aspects such as article submissions, RSS feeds, directory submissions and more...Read more..

Social Media Presence

Our SEO Professionals optimise your social media presence and get back to you with report on how your website can socialize more.

We can optimise your presence on major social media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many more…Read more...

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