Keep your Business Ball Rolling with New Social Media Trends 2014

Going to develop a social media strategy? Wait, take a glance upon latest trends in social media marketing that will assist you in framing a result oriented social media marketing plan. Being one of the most preferable online marketing platforms, social networking sites are widely used as an important weapon to reach the targeted audience around the world.

In order to make the most use of these social sites, we must always stay updated with current social marketing techniques. So, again we are here to share the ongoing updates of social media that will enable every online business to spread its word and publish its image over thousands of hearts.

Here,we have described some of the top social media trends which are focused the most in 2014:

a) Social Listening Strategy: About 60% of social marketers tend to use social listening strategy where they really listen to their customers thus interacting directly with them. Yet, the question is how to make this strategy more effective. Some of the key areas that make this strategy really effective are mentioned below:

i) Understanding the needs:  Only listening to the needs is not enough, we must be able to understand it properly.Know the full scenario before replying to the customer.

ii) Get complete knowledge about online updates & conversations: Check if the customer is reaching to you directly or they refer to you to their friends.Always respond them quickly in such a way that it satisfies their expectations.

iii) Try to deliver value to the customers: Customers are ready to share their privacy at some extent such as login credentials and other matters in return of a better qualitative service.

iv) Develop long lasting relationships by carefully listening to clients: Don’t listen for just the sake of listening, carefully know their needs and act accordingly.

b) Make use of social advertising: Social advertising is becoming more popular and the most fascinating technique of online marketing. We can see millions of people using facebook, twitter, linkedin on daily basis. They spend on an average 30- 40 minutes in a day on social networking sites.

Making use of social advertisements is a great way to market your business and make best use of these social networking sites. Now here, there’s no big deal to use these ads yet the thing is how to make these ads more effective and make them work for you?

The answer is here. We can follow these tips to make social ads more effective:

i) Establish achievable goals

ii) Start using the ads that are within your budget.

iii) Know what the viewers exactly need.

iv) Identify the social networking site that suits your needs the best.

v) Know what your competitors are using.

vi) Optimize your social page as required.

vii) Perform various experiments and write a report

viii) Test the ones that you feel will work and measure its performance

ix) Finally apply the one that gives best results.

x) See your social ad working for you.

Adopting these latest trends of social media marketing can assist you in developing your brand’s reputation in the minds of millions of social site users  thus helping you to get more number of customers. In case of any assistance related to social media strategy development, you can get in touch with social media experts at Zesttech Solutions and see tremendous improvement in your business. So, have a good luck and see you again with more in depth details about  social media.

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