How To Become eBay Powerseller

Powersellers are those who know how to succeed and bring their business to the next level on eBay. These sellers give their best to become Powersellers as they have sale of $2000 per month and 99% positive feedback rating on eBay.

We are sharing the secret strategies of eBay Powersellers. With this you can sell effectively accelerate your business on eBay. Make a difference by using all these secrets.To be a power seller, it’s important to be an eBay top rated seller. Here’s how you can become a top rated seller :

1) Your eBay Shop: The shop presentation plays a big role to attract buyers to your shop. Put right images, title with popular keywords – Do not put irrelevant keywords in your title & description, put your listings on auction, provide offers. Choose the right category. Moreover make your listing template  attractive.

2) Images: Photos play a big role for buyers who visit eBay shops. Your product images should be of good quality, effective enough to turn your visitor into buyer. Many sellers have a backdrop that they don’t use tools to crop and give good background to the images so that it looks impressive to the visitors. Images play a big role as if they are blurred or of bad quality or either they are really very large that it takes time to load, then visitor wouldn’t go for your product as he has only one option which is with images to verify your product and make a decision to purchase the item listed

3) Listing Format: There are three types of listing formats on eBay viz. Auction, Best Offer and Buy it Now. Listing Format can be chosen as per the product. However, eBay being basically an auction site, auction listings are most popular here. The Starting price can be kept as low as  $0.99.However,reserve price can be used to avoid selling products at a very less price. Lets say you put the start price of $0.99  for your auctions listings but you will save your margin if you put $40.00 (the real price) in reserve price which means unless the price of bidding reaches $40.00, your item wouldn’t sell.

4)Customer Support: Questions from buyers should be responded as early as possible within a short duration of one hour. All eBay cases should be solved within the given resolution time with a satisfactory resolution in buyer’s favour. All goods should be dispatched within given time frame so as to ensure timely delivery to the buyers.

5) Bulk List for Auctions: Use softwares like bulk listing software or Auction management service to create auctions with bulk listing. This is going to save your time and run your eBay operations smoothly. These softwares are Turbo Lister, Blackthorne Software, Andale etc. You can list your auctions at your leisure time and make them live on a specific day.

6) Detailed Item Description: Descriptions should be search engine friendly. Words that are often used while browsing for any product on an eBay shop should be used in the description section so as to make it a great but accurate description. Along with this, items specifics should be provided making it easy for buyers to search for the relevant product they are in need of. Describe your items effectively so as to earn good ratings on eBay.

7) List your items during peak hours: Peak hours is the best time for you to list your items because number of visitors might  be looking for the right product at that time. Generally the peak period is between 6 PM to 8 PM on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

8) Multiple Payment Options: Offer multiple payment options to your buyers. You can offer them to pay by Checks, Money orders, Credit & Debit cards through PayPal etc.

9) Discounts: Offer discount to your customers if they purchase multiple items. You can give them discount on shipping or on actual price.

Ratings required to become eligible for eBay Powerseller Programme:

Minimum standard for all sellers

Above standard

eBay Top-rated

Registered as a business on eBay



Minimum average DSRs



Minimum performance standard:

All PowerSellers

eBay Top-rated seller

Item as described

Max: 1% or 3

Max: 0.5% or 2


Max: 2% or 3

Max: 0.5% or 2

Dispatch time

Max: 2% or 3

Max: 0.5% or 2

P&P charges

Max: 2% or 3

Max: 0.5% or 2

NEW Minimum performance standard:

All PowerSellers

eBay Top-rated seller

Opened cases

Max: 1% or 3

Max: 0.5%or 2

Closed without seller resolution

Max: 0.3 % or 2

Max: 0.3%%or 2

Other requirements:

Business seller

Must be registered as business seller on eBay


100 feedback, 98% or more positive

(from global transactions)


Active member for 90 days


Account is in good financial standing

By using these tips, we ensure that your eBay shop will generate sufficient amount of revenue helping you to qualify for top rated seller as well as eBay Powerseller programmes.

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