Keep your Business Ball Rolling with New Social Media Trends 2014

Going to develop a social media strategy? Wait, take a glance upon latest trends in social media marketing that will assist you in framing a result oriented social media marketing plan. Being one of the most preferable online marketing platforms, social networking sites are widely used as an important weapon to reach the targeted audience around the world.

In order to make the most use of these social sites, we must always stay updated with current social marketing techniques. So, again we are here to share the ongoing updates of social media that will enable every online business to spread its word and publish its image over thousands of hearts.

Here,we have described some of the top social media trends which are focused the most in 2014:

a) Social Listening Strategy: About 60% of social marketers tend to use social listening strategy where they really listen to their customers thus interacting directly with them. Yet, the question is how to make this strategy more effective. Some of the key areas that make this strategy really effective are mentioned below:

i) Understanding the needs:  Only listening to the needs is not enough, we must be able to understand it properly.Know the full scenario before replying to the customer.

ii) Get complete knowledge about online updates & conversations: Check if the customer is reaching to you directly or they refer to you to their friends.Always respond them quickly in such a way that it satisfies their expectations.

iii) Try to deliver value to the customers: Customers are ready to share their privacy at some extent such as login credentials and other matters in return of a better qualitative service.

iv) Develop long lasting relationships by carefully listening to clients: Don’t listen for just the sake of listening, carefully know their needs and act accordingly.

b) Make use of social advertising: Social advertising is becoming more popular and the most fascinating technique of online marketing. We can see millions of people using facebook, twitter, linkedin on daily basis. They spend on an average 30- 40 minutes in a day on social networking sites.

Making use of social advertisements is a great way to market your business and make best use of these social networking sites. Now here, there’s no big deal to use these ads yet the thing is how to make these ads more effective and make them work for you?

The answer is here. We can follow these tips to make social ads more effective:

i) Establish achievable goals

ii) Start using the ads that are within your budget.

iii) Know what the viewers exactly need.

iv) Identify the social networking site that suits your needs the best.

v) Know what your competitors are using.

vi) Optimize your social page as required.

vii) Perform various experiments and write a report

viii) Test the ones that you feel will work and measure its performance

ix) Finally apply the one that gives best results.

x) See your social ad working for you.

Adopting these latest trends of social media marketing can assist you in developing your brand’s reputation in the minds of millions of social site users  thus helping you to get more number of customers. In case of any assistance related to social media strategy development, you can get in touch with social media experts at Zesttech Solutions and see tremendous improvement in your business. So, have a good luck and see you again with more in depth details about  social media.

How To Become eBay Powerseller

Powersellers are those who know how to succeed and bring their business to the next level on eBay. These sellers give their best to become Powersellers as they have sale of $2000 per month and 99% positive feedback rating on eBay.

We are sharing the secret strategies of eBay Powersellers. With this you can sell effectively accelerate your business on eBay. Make a difference by using all these secrets.To be a power seller, it’s important to be an eBay top rated seller. Here’s how you can become a top rated seller :

1) Your eBay Shop: The shop presentation plays a big role to attract buyers to your shop. Put right images, title with popular keywords – Do not put irrelevant keywords in your title & description, put your listings on auction, provide offers. Choose the right category. Moreover make your listing template  attractive.

2) Images: Photos play a big role for buyers who visit eBay shops. Your product images should be of good quality, effective enough to turn your visitor into buyer. Many sellers have a backdrop that they don’t use tools to crop and give good background to the images so that it looks impressive to the visitors. Images play a big role as if they are blurred or of bad quality or either they are really very large that it takes time to load, then visitor wouldn’t go for your product as he has only one option which is with images to verify your product and make a decision to purchase the item listed

3) Listing Format: There are three types of listing formats on eBay viz. Auction, Best Offer and Buy it Now. Listing Format can be chosen as per the product. However, eBay being basically an auction site, auction listings are most popular here. The Starting price can be kept as low as  $0.99.However,reserve price can be used to avoid selling products at a very less price. Lets say you put the start price of $0.99  for your auctions listings but you will save your margin if you put $40.00 (the real price) in reserve price which means unless the price of bidding reaches $40.00, your item wouldn’t sell.

4)Customer Support: Questions from buyers should be responded as early as possible within a short duration of one hour. All eBay cases should be solved within the given resolution time with a satisfactory resolution in buyer’s favour. All goods should be dispatched within given time frame so as to ensure timely delivery to the buyers.

5) Bulk List for Auctions: Use softwares like bulk listing software or Auction management service to create auctions with bulk listing. This is going to save your time and run your eBay operations smoothly. These softwares are Turbo Lister, Blackthorne Software, Andale etc. You can list your auctions at your leisure time and make them live on a specific day.

6) Detailed Item Description: Descriptions should be search engine friendly. Words that are often used while browsing for any product on an eBay shop should be used in the description section so as to make it a great but accurate description. Along with this, items specifics should be provided making it easy for buyers to search for the relevant product they are in need of. Describe your items effectively so as to earn good ratings on eBay.

7) List your items during peak hours: Peak hours is the best time for you to list your items because number of visitors might  be looking for the right product at that time. Generally the peak period is between 6 PM to 8 PM on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

8) Multiple Payment Options: Offer multiple payment options to your buyers. You can offer them to pay by Checks, Money orders, Credit & Debit cards through PayPal etc.

9) Discounts: Offer discount to your customers if they purchase multiple items. You can give them discount on shipping or on actual price.

Ratings required to become eligible for eBay Powerseller Programme:

Minimum standard for all sellers

Above standard

eBay Top-rated

Registered as a business on eBay



Minimum average DSRs



Minimum performance standard:

All PowerSellers

eBay Top-rated seller

Item as described

Max: 1% or 3

Max: 0.5% or 2


Max: 2% or 3

Max: 0.5% or 2

Dispatch time

Max: 2% or 3

Max: 0.5% or 2

P&P charges

Max: 2% or 3

Max: 0.5% or 2

NEW Minimum performance standard:

All PowerSellers

eBay Top-rated seller

Opened cases

Max: 1% or 3

Max: 0.5%or 2

Closed without seller resolution

Max: 0.3 % or 2

Max: 0.3%%or 2

Other requirements:

Business seller

Must be registered as business seller on eBay


100 feedback, 98% or more positive

(from global transactions)


Active member for 90 days


Account is in good financial standing

By using these tips, we ensure that your eBay shop will generate sufficient amount of revenue helping you to qualify for top rated seller as well as eBay Powerseller programmes.

Magento1.8 Community Edition is on the Move

Magento development, the most significant ecommerce solution of its time is widely adopted by many online business people. With changing trends, Magento constantly keeps on updating its features making it more useful for the online store owners. Its user friendly features make it easy to use and quick to understand.

With latest updates, Magento ecommerce has launched a new Community Edition in the market that is of great benefit to small and medium business enterprises. Using this edition, it becomes easier to carry out important tax calculations, improve different functions, and upgraded security options.

Some of the features of this newly launched Magento 1.8 Community Edition are as mentioned below that makes it more preferable among the small and medium business enterprises.

Features of Magento 1.8 Community Edition:

1)      Easy Tax Calculations:  With this new edition Magento 1.8, tax calculation related to Value Added Tax (VAT) and Fixed product (FPT) has become much easier. Tax can be easily counted in invoices, credit memos and other billing documents used in Magento commerce.

This makes tax calculation easier for cross border transactions, bulk orders and such orders where more than one tax is calculated.


2)      Advanced Functions: In order to meet the changing demands of people, Magento has updated its functions making them easier than before. Various features such as shopping cart, checkout, content management system, product management are enhanced to provide a better shopping experience to the buyer.


3)      Enhanced Shopping Experience:  With a view to provide better shopping experience to the newbies  in the world of online shopping or for the regular online shoppers, Magento community Edition has faster page loadings, easy and quick checkout process and optimized cache systems. The administration panel also works smoothly. This is important for those ecommerce store owners who have large product orders and databases.


4)      Updated Security:  To save Magento users from any powerful and destructive threats, some advanced security measures are applicable in this new edition. These are completely tested including a internal testing, involvement with Magento developer community and much more.


5)      Updates to the Alpha release: Some latest updates to the Alpha series of Magento 1.8 version are made. These include unique categories, product URL keys , DHL code updates and latest backend cache code called Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis . A different storage module is also included.


6)      More updates in Pipeline:  Day by day more and more updates are made in this newly arrived edition in order to maintain the popularity and give good online business experience to the buyer. Stay connected with Magento to know more about upcoming Magento community versions.


Keep visiting our blog for recent Magento updates, latest Magento news, Magento development processes, Magento informative and everything that we have in store for this most lovable user friendly popular ecommerce platform.


We, at Zest tech Solutions; a Magento Development Company, UK, London  believe in rendering upgraded knowledge to our viewers and love to  share information that will be helpful to you when dealing with Magento.


EBay Search Engine: All about Cassini

Many times while searching any product on eBay, we wonder how and due to which criteria some of the listings appear among the top search results and some of them don’t; even they contain enough keywords. Well, as in Google; we get what we type, same is the case with eBay’s search system. We understand that you are equally confused about what we are talking. Your confusion ends here. The secret is revealed in this article. Read ahead and explore more about it. Grab this secret, and make your listings shine among the eBay’s top search results.

Well, let’s understand what exactly this search system is all about and how it works. There are four major factors that play an important role in advancing eBay’s search ranking technology further. These are as mentioned below:

a)      Consistence: What a buyer wants, he/she should be able to find it easily and quickly on eBay rather than searching among the irrelevant search results. So, the listings should be placed in proper categories containing relevant keywords that should match the buyer’s need.

b)      Worth: Items present in the EBay’s search results must have good worth in terms of price, quality, condition and more.

c)        Assurance: Listings from trusted sellers are only included in search engine results. These refer to sellers with highest ratings, positive feedback as well as seller performance.

d)      Convenience: Listings that provide free postage, easy refund and returns policy are preferred the most as this makes online shopping easy for buyers. 

In order to provide buyers with what they want and that too in an easy convenient manner, eBay’s new search system –Cassini takes those listings into consideration that possess all the above mentioned characteristics. Apart from listing title, the heart of any listing; this eBay search system also takes other parts of listing into consideration such as categories, item specifics, complete item descriptions, subtitles, seller performance, price, postage, customer satisfaction and the most important: Feedback score.

 If the listings possess necessary item specifics, keywords enriched title, are listed in appropriate     categories, have to the point descriptions, and on other side, seller meets the eBay requirements in terms of ratings and feedback then definitely the listings of those sellers will be among the top eBay search results.

With Cassini, eBay shows those listings that result into a complete sale with higher satisfaction from buyer. eBay is able to achieve this with the help of real information about the behaviour of seller and buyer.

Keeping these facts in mind, now it’s time to know about some prime concepts for eBay search with which eBay store owners can make Cassini work for them instead of opposing them:

1)      Usage of proper and popular keywords or phrases:   Type the keywords in eBay’s main search box on the homepage and without pressing enter key, a list of suggestive keywords will appear. These suggested phrases are useful as they play an important role in Cassini rankings. If a listing title contains those suggested keywords, then it is definitely going to appear among the top eBay search results.

2)       Provide as much details as you can in terms of catalogue and item specifics: The more details a listing contains, more are the chances of it appearing among eBay’s best match results. These details will also help buyer to easily sort out the products of its need among the results and will make easy to choose the correct one from the crowd.

3)      Create enhancing listings: Those listings that have complete description written in an attractive manner with proper informative images can easily get a chance to be ahead on eBay. Listings should have maximum impressions and those impressions should get easily converted into click through and sell through rate respectively. Buyer’s should not only click on the listings however should get tempted to purchase one.

4)      Be customer centric along with focusing on listings:  This new search system of eBay takes into consideration the listings from those sellers who maintain ratings as required by eBay. It keeps in check the seller performance, i.e. Top rated sellers are given priority on trust basis. Easy and safer returns as well as refund policies also make a great impact. Apart from these, it’s mandatory to pay eBay seller’s fees on time.

Considering all the key concepts, an eBay seller can definitely get the hold of eBay’s new search system: Cassini. Get ready to make your listings available among the eBay’s top search results as now the top most secret is revealed to you, only little more efforts are remaining to grab the top place in eBay….

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Magento Development Services For eCommerce Websites

The success of any online business is not solely dependent on the cost and quality of goods served. However there are some factors that are to be taken care of to create a good eCommerce website which are as follows:

– Easy navigation

– Attractive interface

– Proper checkouts etc.

Customer friendly websites are successful as well as popular among the customers. Now you must be looking forward to know the best way where you can create a successful website for your business. “Magento” is an eCommerce platform which offers cutting edge technologies with which your business can grow.

Where to get best Magento Development Services

Once you have decided to start online business, your next step should be to search out for a good Magento Development Company, that can offer completely functional, easily accessible website. Hiring  Magento Development Services from an experienced company will help you to get a website that is easily manageable from backend and customer friendly from frontend. Magento development comes with automated features like payment gateways, checkout process, shipping process and shopping cart as well. Browsing products and managing catalog is very easy with Magento platform.

Magento development offers you the benefit of operating multiple stores simultaneously. You are allowed to run your website 24/7, more images of the same products, seo friendly, with Google analytics you can learn more about customer behavior, easy to achieve customer feedback, supports add-on etc.

Hiring Magento development company will provide you many benefits and few of them are listing here:

Services of Magento Web Development

Development of Extension

Development of Theme

Magento Store Development

Payment Gateway Integration

Module Integration

Magento Maintenance and Support

Cost Effective

Can utilize the services of experienced developers

Can fix Bugs

Search engine friendly website

Will be able to manage the urgent requirements

Hiring Magento developers or development company is a very important task to be implemented for running your online business more smoothly as they will help you to explore the new approach for business analysis which will play a very important role to make your business grow. Avail the benefit of magento development services from ZestTech Solutions , an expert in the field which will assist you with better qualitative services. Magento developers in London UK will serve you the best on reasonable prices. Get in touch with us and stay ahead among your competitors.

Why eBay Is A Better Place For Online Business

In the fastest growing customer centric industry and competition you have to serve your customers with better, unique, convenient to purchase, cost effective products and services. To serve your customers you will have to use the technology to reach them. The new technology which is online marketing, online stores, online business. With the new technology you can serve your customers better but yes you will have to take the right decision in order to choose the best option to provide services to your esteemed customers

How To Become eBay Seller

Although you have AMAZON, eBay and many more to serve you with this solution. What we will suggest you is to go for eBay, because they have about 233 million global customer base. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. eBay now has a global presence in 37 markets including UK. Isn’t it better for you to choose an online marketplace “eBay” to serve your customer better and sell your products & services?

How to become an eBay seller? You need to follow these easy steps:-

1) Register yourself with eBay.

2) Create a seller account.

3) After creating your seller account, you’ll have to review the accuracy of your personal information.

4) Confirm your phone number with eBay.

5) Select an automatic payment method to pay selling fees and eBay Money Back Guarantee reimbursements.

That’s it – now you’re ready to list your first item on eBay

On ebay you will find below stated two types of eBay sellers:

a) Sellers who wish to put few items for some extra earnings on auction.

b) Sellers who wish to start and build an eBay business, to generate a regular income.

However the sellers use different strategies like auction, offer, discount, sale etc. to attract their customers but the aim of every seller is same which is to become a successful businessman on eBay and eBay helps their sellers with eBay business solutions.

The best solutions for every eBay seller is eBay stores. It allows you to mention multiple quantities of your product, provides you a good time period to keep your listings active or live, with this you can avail lower auction fees and merchandising tools.

You can even go for eBay Pro Store. It provides you the flexibility to customize storefront with your web address and brand. Apart from these eBay provides you many other solutions like eBay solutions directory, and the merchant solution center etc.

Start with your eBay store, once you find it helping you choose eBay Pro Store. Hope you got the perfect idea about eBay store now and ready to become an eBay Seller.

New Version of Magento 1.8 is launched now

After a year of publishing Magento 1.7.02, finally the new version of Magento 1.8 has been launched. The former version was more focused on widening eCommerce platform functionalities for business selling their products & services in the European Union. Updates were regarding tax validation, automatic sign to the groups and possibility to sell 0% tax level for the clients who contains objects registered in abroad.

Where To Get Best Magento Development In UK

Now talking about Magento 1.8 version, it is more focused on optimization. This version targets to improve the issues related to record overview and protection of database from long term posts saving. The changes have been done in the tax codes. Moreover, unlike previous releases there are no complaints about this new version, because either no one has updated and installed this or it is better than the previous releases.

This version has been launched with many advantages. Few of them have been mentioned here:

  • Tax calculation process re-written.

  • More faster and less use of resources required.

  • Contains latest security fixes.

Now we will have a look at the features in Magento 1.8.

  1. Changes in Tax Calculation: With the new version Tax is the main area where Magento have focused a lot. Now it will be more convenient to use tier prices as it will display warning messages in the Admin Panel, whenever an issue is encountered. Bundle pricing is now more consistent. All prices based on taxation are rounded to 2 digits of precision for example $15.28.

  2. Changes in API: Now order status is changed correctly, the option of “shopping cart product move to customer quote method” works properly, you will get the proper list of the available payment methods from the shopping cart.

  3. Changes in Administration Panel: While creating order using the Admin Panel you will have the State/Province field updated appropriately for the desired country. New version will use both of yours default billing address and shipping address correctly. It will allow you to cancel an order using the Admin Panel, the shipping taxes are calculated properly.

  4. Payment Method updates: Issues such as sending e-mail to the customer when using Payflow link, security with Google Checkout payments, security with payments, conformation to the latest version of PayPal, checkout issues if switching payment methods have been taken care of effectively.

  5. Other updates: Many updates are done in the area of the store, basket, payments, import & export functioning etc.

Try out the new version of Magento 1.8 now. But try it first with a copy of your system:

For Magento 1.8 upgrades, contact ZestTech Solutions, we are certified Magento developers and we have serving Magento Development in the UK for nearly 4 years.

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New Division Developed by eBay For Woo Developers

Hello viewers, Welcome to the ZestTech’s eBay world!!. Here, you will find latest news and updates related to the well-known marketplace; eBay and How To Get eBay Solutions In UK. In each and every article; you will find something informative that adds to your knowledge. Today’s article includes some knowledge about eBay and its different business divisions.

Originally, eBay is an online auction marketplace where buyers and sellers meet together. In addition to this, it has another big division in the payment section i.e. PayPal and its third division includes GSI Commerce.

Increase in the use of various gadgets such as smart-phones, I-pad, I-phone, tablets and much more has increased the importance of various applications and so to meet the change, every online business should know Who Offers Best eBay Integration In UK and have responsive website as well as related application which will make it easy for the people to use them on the go.

With a view to meet this change, recently, a fourth division is developed on eBay. Different applications are designed to work on eBay’s marketplace. These apps will have combined features like How Much For eBay Packages In UK and PayPal efficacy related to payment and ability to perform with websites developed on the best eCommerce platform Magento.

More useful apps developed by will increase the use of eBay’s marketplace, PayPal’s payment method and GSI’s ecommerce service. With the help of these apps, eBay’s main divisions i.e. PayPal, GSI and marketplace can be easily monetized. The main thing is to drive traffic; revenue will be generated by itself once the sufficient amount of traffic is generated. Moreover, it is also important to know How To Hire A eBay Seller In UK for managing your eBay sellers accounts.

Nearly about 7, 25,000 developers work with eBay on its various development programs. consists of 4,600 active Magento apps. Various software companies such as Omniture, Outright have agreed to develop apps on

As we are aware Apple iOs is the most trustful place where useful applications are developed. Compared to iOs, is more trusted by people as useful ecommerce applications are preferred the most by merchants and they happily spend large sum of money behind these apps.

The success of the apps developed by X-commerce will be evaluated based on the revenue earned by developers from the sale of these apps. According to Mathew Mengerink, Apple iOs applications are not much profitable as compared to those created via X-commerce. For example, from the Magento applications, on $1; every developer makes $20.

So, the eCommerce applications should be such that they should provide profit to both the developer as well as the firm. The applications developed using eBay’s fourth division, X-commerce will be much profitable as compared to the ones created by Apple iOs.

With the collective power of eBay’s team of developers, it would be easy to boost all main divisions viz Marketplace, Payment technology, GIS eCommerce and eBay‘s first division is successful in the market however its other divisions also play equal role in generating sufficient revenue.
Hope this article has given you sufficient information about eBay and its main divisions. Keep visiting our blog for more such information on eBay Inc.

Hiring Virtual Employees In London UK

Now a days virtual employee is the latest requirement in IT and software industries. Virtual Employee or Assistant is someone who works far from your business work location. He/She can accomplish certain tasks in a specific time, with the help of internet and computer. Virtual assistants are very cost effective as you can hire a virtual employee for a very less amount as compare to what you spend on a regular employee. You can go for virtual assistance no matter whether you have a small business or a large business. You can reduce your business overheads by almost 60%.

How To Hire A Virtual Employee In UK

So how convenient is it for you to hire a Virtual Employee? I would says it is more convenient to hire a Virtual Employee rather than a regular one, as it will be more convenient and cost effective for you. With the help of internet you can search for an employee outside your own country.

Moreover you don’t have to pay for the medical benefit, social security, office rental, training expenditure, paid holidays etc. Another advantage of hiring a virtual employee is, you will have the chance to expand your business on the other side of the world. Even as per some studies it is proven that virtual employees help building business faster because you can have more connections.

What Are Virtual Assistant Packages in UK

Your human resource manager will not have to deal with the hassle of headhunting and interviews, since the outsourcing company will have to deal with it. Even if you don’t have more work its better you hire virtual employee for your irregular work flow, as its more flexible for you to pay for the work done and not just for the physical presence of the assistant at your office.

Now you should keep few things in mind while hiring a virtual employee:

Prepare a list of the tasks you want your virtual employee to work upon. For example fixing a meeting, research etc.

Be specific about the number of hours per day, number of days per week etc. you want your employee to work for you.

Search the internet to look for your virtual assistant. You can get good virtual employee packages.
Clarify the pay fixed for the virtual employee before hiring him/her.

Call us now if you are looking for cost effective virtual employee packages in UK, US. Zesttech provides you different packages to hire a virtual assistant as per your requirements. You can decide the virtual assistant salary on the basis of the work you want him/her to deliver.

Your virtual assistant will be capable to do web administrator work, customer service, total eCommerce support, personal assistance, data entry work, web research, internet marketing, graphic designing and web development for you. Go for Virtual assistance now and cut down on your company overheads!

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More About Magento Latest Trends In UK

Hello Viewers, Welcome here… Hope you have gained lot of knowledge about Magento from our previous articles. These articles will surplus your knowledge. In this article, we have mentioned about Latest Magento Development UK services which make Magento better than ever. So, continue reading to see what’s inside!!!!

What Are Latest Magento Development Trends In UK

Magento, the most popular ecommerce platform; preferable by people to build ecommerce stores on. This platform has gained popularity because of some outstanding features that makes it stand apart from the crowd. Some of these are mentioned here:

SEO Friendly: Magento’s SEO tools and SEO friendly coding helps the site to be on the top among highest ranking ecommerce websites. The search engine rankings of such site are high as compared to any ordinary ecommerce website. Along with this, Magento provides various features such as Google site map, different category pages and much more. Magento template includes well developed ecommerce shopping cart making your job easier than ever before.

Multi Currency Support: When your ecommerce website is developed on the most popular ecommerce, it is natural that people from all over the world are your visitors. So, limited currency support can turn many of them away. With our Best Magento Services UK multicurrency support, each and every visitor may get tempted to purchase the product from you. This will definitely result into increase in revenue.

Multi Language Support: Building a website on a globally accepted ecommerce platform means we are inviting huge crowd to visit our website and be a part of our vast clientele team. Magento being an ecommerce platform accepted universally, multi lingual support is a very useful feature. Till now, 60 languages are supported.

Searching and viewing a Product: If the product is not mentioned in the right category, then it may mislead the viewers and they may not get what they want. This may result into frustration and the viewer may switch to another website. It’s more important to have a user friendly product browsing to avoid clients being annoyed. Our Magento Development Services UK product browsing feature provides many different tasks such as creating and adding to the watch list, comparing products, combining products as per the price range, product reviews and more.

Shipping and Payment: This relates to order management services. A simple and easy shipping and payment process makes it comfortable for the customers to review the ordered items as well as reorder them as per requirements. History of customer orders can be checked effectively by the backend administrators. Magento offers highest securable payments with well known payment gateways such as PayPal, credit cards, online banking and more.  Creating invoices is only a click away. This may be the cause for Magento shopping carts being preferred by many.

Well these are some most significant Magento features that make this platform the popular one. Many more are yet to come. Regular updates in Magento are mandatory to provide simple, safe and comfortable service to the clients and their clients. What Industry demands, Magento brings it to always stay ahead.

Wish to have such features in your ecommerce website, contact our Expert Magento Developers UK or any Magento development company and get your Magento website created today!!!.

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